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Our Delta Technology Insulated Fire Folding Curtain (IFRU) is tested up to 4 hours of fire rating integrity and 4 hours of fire insulation. During normal circumstance, the IFRU is alway in open position to allow traffic to pass. In the case of a fire outbreak, the IFRU is able to isolate and compartmentalize the fire. 

The special feature of IFRU is the ability to curve or bend on a single span. The curtain can follow a curvy profile or do a 90˚ or 45˚ bend. The IFRU can be combined together to form a continous single span curtain to unlimited length without any post in between.


The IFRU are commonly used around commerical & residential buildings, building level voids, escalator/stairs void, building parameters, bus/car pick up bay and multi purpose plaza etc.


  • Tested to BS EN1634-1

  • Up to 4 hours of fire integrity and 4 hours of fire insulation

  • Maximum span of unlimited x 9mH in dimension, caters to the largest opening in the market

  • A fail safe mechanism that includes a fusible Link that melts at 69°C causing the  shutter to slide down and close under gravity 

  • Can be erected L shaped or in a square or rectangle to form a close loop without a side guide

  • Upon activation, the alarm will release the brake, thus allowing the shutter to close under gravity

  • Intelligent System (IS) has a built-in Brake Re-engagement  Device that stops the shutter once it touches the ground 





The shutter curtain shall formed by double layer continuous ceramic cloth and ceramic wool of 20 mm thickness. The colour will be white and gray.

Side Guides

The guide rails shall be formed by mild steel ‘U’ shaped channel welded together, with an overall nominal dimension of 60mm (width) x 100mm (depth) x 1.5mm (thickness).

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar shall be made formed by “I” shaped channel at 1.5mm thick fitted on the bottom of the entire curtain.


Roller Barrel

It shall only consist of a single heavy-duty steel pipe, forming only a single barrel. The drive assembly is made up of steel circular plates fitted to the steel solid shaft round bar on one end and a circular plate with tri-legged slot on the other end.



The entire frame shall be constructed with 40mm x 40mm x 2.33mm thick steel square hollow section forming a truss structure. The shutter hood’s dimensions shall be between 760mm to 1140mm in height and 1020mm to 1440mm in depth. The driven sprocket shall be attached onto the end plate with a protruding tri-legged holder for the barrel. The frame shall be cladded with minimum 0.8mm thickness steel sheet.


Shutter Operation 


Each fire curtain shall be equipped with only 1 motorized operator. The shutter operator is equipped with built-in limit switch, built-in thermal protector, built-in brake release system, manual hand chain, and one unit of 3-ways push button (Up, Stop, Down) switch with cylinder lock integrated in a stainless steel cover. The limit switch shall ensure the shutter stops automatically at desired levels. In the event of power failure, the shutter can be operated manually by pulling the hand chain or cranking manual lever. 

Power Requirements

The power source is a single phase 230V x 13amp or 3-Phase 415V x 20amp, 50Hz each depending on the size of the shutter. 

Operating System

Motorized fire curtain can be operated by using the push button, which is located approximately 1.5 meters above floor level without counter balance system.

Fusible Link

The fusible link is a mechanical mechanism which shall activate the shutter to close and isolate fire when the fuse with a melting point of 69-degree Celsius melts. It shall descent the shutter down via gravity and gradually stopped upon closing for safety reasons.

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