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Uniflow Smoother is a high-speed roll-up door that is suitable for factories and warehouses where people and vehicles enter and exit frequently. This highly wind-resistant high-speed shutter minimizes air leak as well as the impact of wind, entry of dust and insects by its speedy opening and closing motions.  


The Uniflow Jetter is a pipeless, roll-up door with an automatic sheet recovery and reverse ascending functions for indoor use. This Model detects objects contacted to the descending sheet and makes Reverse Ascending. Even the sheet gets off the rails, it can be automatically returned to the right position. The safe Pipe-less design allows for fewer chances for damaging the sheet and the operational noise reduced as well.


Our Delta Technology’s High-Speed Aluminium Shutter (HSAS) uses double helix rail to coil up the shutter quietly and smoothly. The HSAS is able to operate at high speed of 1.2m/s for opening and 0.6m/s for closing. The HSAS is made up of aluminium extruded panels which are corrosion resistant. These panels are also infilled with insulation materials to reduce heat energy loss.

Our Roller Door (RD) is constructed of mainly of the lightweight zincalum slat, the Roller Door is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering while remaining strong and durable. Our RD is operated by a DC motor connected to our Intelligent Control Box in which it runs faster than most traditional roller shutter. There are nylon strips integrated at the edge of the curtain and safety rubber seal at the bottom that gives a swift, soft, safe and smooth operation.

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