Our Delta Technology’s High Speed Aluminium Shutter (HSAS) uses double helix rail to coil up the shutter quietly and smoothly. The HSAS is able to operate at high speed of 1.2m/s for opening and 0.6m/s for closing. The HSAS is made up of aluminium extruded panels which are corrosion resistant. These panels are also infilled with insulation materials to reduce heat energy loss.


  • Strong yet Light: Aluminium has 1/3 density
    of mild steel, making it light weight


  • Single span up to 8m x 6m in dimension

  • Comes with an option of equipping HSAS with vision panels

  • Has a thermal conductivity of less than
    1.7W/(m K), which makes it thermally insulated

  • Able to operate at a speed of 1.2m/s for opening and 0.6m/s for closing

  • Has a high usage cycle of up to 100 times daily