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The Heavy Duty Shutter is designed for maximum rigidity due to the high-density mild steel and curved profile.

The Aluminum shutter is a widely used product due to its light weight and corrosion resistance properties. These unique features make the use of aluminum shutter an excellent choice for easy operation and places that are constantly exposed. 

The Grille shutter is widely used for security because of its lightweight, corrosion resistant properties yet retaining solid strength for security. Its unique feature allows excellent air circulation and vision. 

Our Luminous  Shutter (LURS) provides a high level of optical vision and clarity to any commercial unit’s opening. Made of interlocking clear poly-carbonates and aluminum reinforcement strips, the LURS combines both clear vision and security. Multi spans are also available with removable mullions for bigger openings. Max single span of 6m(w) by 5m(h) and available in powder coated finishing.


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