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Under our Delta Tech Group, Heavy Duty Steel Roller Shutter is made of high density mild steel with our curved profile designed for maximum rigidity. It can also come with perforated pin hole slat for better ventilation and visibility. Steel Roller Shutters are commonly installed in places such as industrial opening, factory, schools
and shops providing maximum security.

  • Mild Steel curve profile increasing its rigidity, ensuring high strength

  • Manually operated by hand chain 

  • Automatically operated by control box

  • Single span up to 16m x 10m in dimension

  • Perforated pin hole slat; each hole is Ø3mm. Allowing 40% good air ventilation and visibility yet preventing unwanted
    object or rubbish from entering.

  • Additional Windlock can be added to hold off up to 33m/s wind speed.

  • Intelligent System (IS) has a built-in Brake Re-engagement  Device that stops the shutter once it touches the ground 




Shutter Curtain 

The shutter curtain is formed by interlocking custom designed continuous electro-galvanised mild steel slats of thickness 1mm and an average slat pitch of 75mm or 100mm. They have a curved profile to maximise rigidity and ensure high strength.

Side Guides

Side guides consist of customized ‘U’ shaped profile made up of 2mm thick mild steel with a lipped opening for the curtain slats. The side guide shall take an overall nominal dimension of 70mm (width) x 80mm (depth). They are installed vertically at both ends to guide the shutter curtain in its position during opening and closing.

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar shall be constructed of mild steel inverted ‘T’ shaped bar (40mm x 40mm x 4.5mm thick angle bar). It is the last slat which is situated at the bottom of the entire curtain and it is used to maintain the door rigidity.


Roller Barrel

It shall only consist of a single heavy-duty steel pipe, forming only a single barrel. The drive assembly is made up of steel circular plates fitted to the steel solid shaft round bar on one end and a circular plate with tri-legged slot on the other end.


Shutter Hood

The frame is fabricated from 30mm x 30mm angle bars forming a truss frame, with 0.8mm colourbond steel sheet cover; to conceal the shaft assembly. The driven sprocket shall be attached onto the end plate with a protruding tri-legged holder for the barrel. The shutter hood’s dimensions shall be between 365mm to 600mm in both height and depth.

Shutter Operation 


Each fire shutter shall be equipped with only 1 motorized operator. The shutter operator is equipped with built-in limit switch, built-in thermal protector, built-in brake release system, manual hand chain, and one unit of 3-ways push button (Up, Stop, Down) switch with cylinder lock integrated in a stainless steel cover. The limit switch shall ensure the shutter stops automatically at desired levels. In the event of power failure, the shutter can be operated manually by pulling the hand chain.

Power Requirements

The power source shall be single phase 230V x 13amp or 3-Phase 415V x 20amp, 50Hz each depending on the size of the shutter. 

Operating System

Motorized roller shutter can be operated by using the push button, which is located approximately 1.5metres above floor level without counter balance system.

Manual Hand Chain

The hand chain is provided to manually operate the roller shutter curtains in times of power or motor failure. It consists of a gear reduction chain block.

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