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Under our Delta Tech Group, Roller Door Model operates by DC motor connected to our Intelligent Control Box in which it runs faster than most traditional roller shutter. There are nylon strips integrated at the side edge of the curtain and safety rubber seal on the bottom that gives a swift, soft, safe and smooth operation RD is commonly installed in places such as schools, industrial, garage, stalls and HDB compromising both security and convenience.


  • Using DC motor drive and planetary gear system, our RD opens and closes at 0.2m/s

  • The curtain of the RD is formed by corrugated Zincalume. Ensuring that the curtain is strong, flexible and excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Our RD has pre-installed safety
    edge feature where the curtain will automatically stop and reverse if it encounters an obstruction during

  • By installing Nylon-polyglide along
    the side edges of the curtain, the noise during operation is greatly reduced. 

  • The weight of RD zincalume curtain is balance and countered by using high performance spring.

  • Intelligent System (IS) has a built-in Brake Re-engagement  Device that stops the shutter once it touches the ground 




Shutter Curtain 

They are formed by interlocking custom designed continuous corrugated zincalumn slats of 0.5 mm thickness and an average slat pitch of 600mm in colourbond finishing. The edge of the curtain shall be clipped with nylon strip to reduce metal to metal contact for smoother and quieter operation.

Side Guides

It consists of ‘customized U’ shaped aluminum profile with overall nominal dimensions 57mm (width) x 103mm (depth) with a lipped opening for the curtain slats. These guides are installed at both ends vertically to guide the shutter curtain in its position during opening and closing.

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar shall be constructed of extruded aluminum ‘L’ shaped bar.  The bottom bar is the last slat at the bottom of the entire curtain used to maintain the door rigidity. The bottom bar shall equip with a rubber seal for weather proofing.


Roller Barrel

It consists of a 25mm heavy-duty steel pipe with oil tempered torsion counter-balanced spring. The roller barrel is supported by steel bracket on both ends.


Shutter Hood

The frame is fabricated from 20mm by 20mm steel sections with 0.7mm colourbond steel sheet cover; to conceal the shaft assembly.

Shutter Operation 


Shutter operator shall be driven by twin DC motors with built-in limit switch, built-in thermal protector. Control box shall come with over current protection fuse and safety edge feature. A 3-ways push button switch (Up, Stop, Down) for operation with cylinder lock integrated in push button box. In the event of power failure, the shutter can be operated manually by pulling the hand chain or by switching the lever to manual mode to operate the shutter manually.

Power Requirements

The power source is single phase 230V 50Hz. 

Operating System

Motorized roller door can be operated by using the push button, which is located approximately 1.5metres above floor level. The operator shall come with a manual/motorized lever which can be switch vice-versa for different mode of operation. Manual operated by using counter balance spring with adjustable tension coupled with manual hand chain for ease of usage.

Manual Hand Chain

The hand chain is provided to manually operate the roller door curtains in times of power or motor failure. It consists of a gear reduction chain block.

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