Under our Delta Tech Group, Manual Slot Flood Barrier, with its durable structure is tested to PAS 1188 ensuring maximum water tightness. 

It is made of stainless steel guide and modular aluminium panel which are resistant against corrosion. The modular system simplifies the setting up process. 

  • MFB is tested and approved to PAS 1188 international standard assuring the protection against flooding

  • Panel is made of aluminium which is light in weight making it portable.

  • MFB can be break into several span forming unlimited length.

  • Guide is made of stainless steel and panel is made of aluminium which both are resistant against corrosion.

  • Maximum per span is 3.5 m or 6 m with back bracing support

  • MFB is made of modular and lightweight system with molded lock nut for easy tightening and fast deployment





A barrier consists of the following parts:


1. Barrier Panel


It is formed by slotting 3mm thick aluminum panels height of 200mm each.  The rubber gasket will be provided at every panel. The finishing of the barrier is naturally anodized.



2. Stainless Steel Side Guides


They consist of ‘U’ shaped profile with overall nominal dimensions 86 x 92mm with a lipped opening for the barrier panel.  Sealing locking nuts are fixed together with side guides to ensure the rubber gasket on guides and barrier panel.



3. Stainless Steel Handles

They are located at every panel for the handling of the barrier.