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Under our Delta Tech Group, the Swing Flood Barrier is fully stainless steel designed to withstand any outdoor weather conditions and flood levels up to 3 meters. WIth the rubber packaging seal, the water tightness is kept at 99%. All barriers are custom designed to cater to a wide variety of needs. 

  • SFB is tested and approved to PAS 1188 international standard assuring the protection against flooding

  • Single span up to 8 m (L) x 3 m (H). 

  • Manually operated by hand chain 

  • Automatically operated by control box

  • Door is made of stainless steel which is resistant against corrosion.

  • Close activation via flood sensor alarm and open activation via fire alarm

  • Intelligent System (IS) has a built-in Brake Re-engagement  Device that stops the barrier once it touches the ground 



A barrier consists of the following parts:


1. Barrier Door 

The thickness of the door shall be sufficient to withstand the hydro-static pressure when in the event of a flood. It shall be cladded in stainless steel finishing.

2. Door Frame

They consist of 'L' shaped profile with customized hinges and rubber seals around the edge of opening for the barrier door to close against it 

3. Sealing Pin 

Sealing Pin shall be activated by sealing handle to lock the door in place to ensure water tightness. 


4. Vulcanized EPDM rubber seal 

Rubber seal shall be able to seal against flood during activation. It shall be able to withstand elements such as ultra-violet rays, rain, heat, and rapid expansion/contraction.


5. Sealing Handles

Sealing Handles shall be made from stainless steel and located near the center of the barrier door. 

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