Under our Delta Tech Group, the Uniflow Slit Curtain is a vinyl curtain allows smooth entry and exit while suppressing invasion of outside air. By installing it as a partition at entrances and exits, it will suppress the outside air and suppress energy loss.


The Slit Curtain strengthens air tightness to prevent rain or wind to enter indoors.

The flame retardant sheet of Slit Curtain has passed the test by the authorities Japan Fire Retardant

The air-conditioning effect is increased by a partition placed with the Slit Curtain inside of the room. It can gain the same effect at controlling air-condition inside of room and freezer or refrigerator

Insect proof orange sheet cuts the area of wavelength 350nm where insects are used to react most. Partition with the Slit Curtain prevents insects flying into inside.

The Slit curtain can provide a quick inbound/outbound traffic environment, which indirectly increases the air-conditioning effect and maintain a constant indoor temperature.