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Under our Delta Tech Group, the Auto Stacking Flood Barrier with its durable structure is tested to PAS 1188 ensuring maximum water tightness. ASFB also functions as a roller shutter for security. 

The ASFB is made of stainless steel guide and modular aluminum panels which are resistant to corrosion. The automatic system can set the flood barrier into 2 modes: security or flood mode. The panel automatically stacks against one another during operation. 

  • ASFB is tested and approved to PAS 1188 international standard assuring the protection against flooding

  • Single span up to 8 m (L) x 5 m (H) with the aid of sealing mechanism.

  • Manually operated by hand chain 

  • Automatically operated by control box

  • Guide is made of stainless steel and panel is made of aluminium which both are resistant against corrosion.

  • Close activation via flood sensor alarm and open activation via fire alarm

  • Intelligent System (IS) has a built-in Brake Re-engagement  Device that stops the shutter once it touches the ground 



A barrier consists of the following parts:


1. Shutter hood

The frame shall be fabricated from steel sections. Barrier panels, motor, shaft are concealed in the shutter hood frame. The finishing of the shutter hood shall be cladded with 1.2mm stainless steel finishing.


2. Barrier Panel

It is formed by stacking 3mm thick aluminum panels height of 350mm each.  The rubber gasket will be provided at every panel. The finishing of the barrier is naturally anodized.


3. Stainless Steel Side Guides

They consist of ‘U’ shaped profile with overall nominal dimensions 230 x 380 mm with a lipped opening for the barrier panel.  The board-side sealing system is concealed within the guide.


4. Motor

Shutter operator is equipped with the built-in limit switch, built-in thermal protector, built-in brake release system, manual hand chain. The power source is 230VAC, 50Hz.


5. UPS

In the event of power failure, the flood barrier is connected to a UPS backup battery.


6. Top & Side sealing mechanism  

Electrical pistons are used for the top and side sealing mechanism.


7. Rubber Seal

Rubber seal are made of Vulcanized EPDM. They are located on the top and bottom of the barrier panels and inside the side guide.

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