Under our Delta Tech Group, Manual Slot Flood Barrier, with its durable structure is tested to PAS 1188 ensuring maximum water tightness. 

It is made of stainless steel guide and modular aluminium panel which are resistant against corrosion. The modular system simplifies the setting up process. 

  • MFD is able to be customized to any dimensions. Multiple spans with automatic guide rails can also
    be designed.

  • MFD is designed to withstand and operate at  wind speeds of up to 95m/s.

  • The MFD's fabric is UV stabilization with
    self-extinguishing properties. The door fabric is able to withstand temperatures
    between +70 to - 30°C.

  • MFD is operated automatically via a high capacity motor that can be manually operated in case of power failure

  • MFD can be designed to operate in areas with special conditions like explosion proof, extreme low temperature or partial submergence into seawater 

  • MFD operates at a standard
    0.1m/s opening and closing
    speed. Other operation speed
    can also be set upon request.

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